Meraki Leigh Digital is dedicated to helping established and new female entrepreneurs uplift their businesses utilizing two different strategies; web design and online business management (OBM).

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Web Design

A website can make or break your success as an entrepreneur and at Meraki Leigh Digital, we know this. We design and develop clean and inviting WordPress and Squarespace websites that ooze your brand's personality.

Already have your branding ready to go? Perfect! We can take your branding and design a high-converting website that is sure to turn heads.

Still developing your branding? No worries, let us help you develop not only your website but your brands personality too!


As a female entrepreneur we juggle a lot of responsibilities and wear a lot of different hats. Whether you're a new entrepreneur still working that 9-5 to pay the bills or a thriving business owner who is struggling to maintain work-life balance, there are always ways to improve your processes which will allow your business to become that much more efficient and successful.

Here at Meraki Leigh Digital we can help you ensure your on-site SEO is on-point, your email marketing campaigns are formatted and automated in a way that will increase open and click-through rates, and your overall business processes are flawless.


Meet the Team

If you’re reading this, then you have already read the backstory on Meraki Leigh Digital and you have an idea of how we can help you as a female entrepreneur. (If not, scroll on up to the top of the page and read the backstory before learning more about the team.)

Now you’re probably wondering... "who exactly are the people I will be working with?"


Founder, Web Designer + DIGITAL MARKETER

Hey! I’m Kristen; the founder of Meraki Leigh Digital. I’m also the tech guru who can help you create a killer website and reduce that extremely high stress level you have by streamlining your business processes (yes, I’m talking to you… and as a successful or brand new female entrepreneur you know exactly the stress I’m talking about).

WordPress & Squarespace web design, on-site SEO, online course creation, planning and creation of blog posts, email marketing strategy… these are my strengths. Whether you need a brand new website or you simply need help streamlining your processes, I can help you like I’ve helped other female entrepreneurs before you. 

The more personal info? I talk about my dog like she’s a human child, macarons are my weakness, I have a strong desire to sell all my things and live in a tiny house, yoga is the only form of physical fitness I’ve been able to stick with, and I spend about 99% of my free time dreaming about places I’ve never been and creating a plan on how to get myself there one day.

-Kristen Ellis


Maddie About Photo

Graphic Designer

Heyo. My name is Madison Grimm, I am a solopreneur and the sole proprietor of Hello Nell Company. I've had a job ever since I was 13 years old and was raised to think outside the box.

I specialize in design & the visual side of things, and I started HNC so that I could be a business owner, spend more time with family and friends, as well as travel whenever and wherever I wanted. I got into branding and website design because I'm an artist; I get inspired from the beauty all around me and I wanted to take that into an online business so that I could help fellow small business owners as well as non-profit organizations. (Non-profits hold a special place in my heart.)

I want to help set you apart from everyone else and highlight your brand, showcasing your products and what you have to offer your ideal client. I'm not afraid to dive right into whatever you've got going on. Let's start your biz out strong! I'm a creative dreamer and artist; let me come alongside you and help make your dream a living reality.

P.S. I’m obsessed with outer space, coffee, my dog Toby & everything pastel. So. Let’s talk.  😉




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