6 Key Things You Need on Your Contact Page

Let's talk contact pages. Because they're really, really important.

Contact pages aren't only good for the obvious reasons... providing potential clients with a way to contact you and generating leads. Well designed contact pages can also save you from spending hours every month, every week, or maybe even every day from communicating back and forth with potential clients to gather the information you need.

The best thing about contact pages is that they're super easy to create. Once it's designed and set up correctly, you basically can set it and forget it. Your contact page can work for you so you can work less non-billable hours (you know... those hours you spend working on your business but can't actually charge your clients for).

So what does a well designed contact page need?

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My Mistake: All About Picking a Squarespace Template

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting a multi-post series about Squarespace templates. I want you to learn from my mistake. I chose the wrong Squarespace template not once... but twice.

When you choose a template in Squarespace you're committing yourself to a particular website and page setup. Different templates have different functionalities. There isn't a single template that has all of the functionalities included in it. (Although that would be nice, right? Make things a little more simple. Maybe in the future, Squarespace?)

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