6 Key Things You Need on Your Contact Page

6 Things Every Contact Page Must Have | Meraki Leigh Digital

Let's talk contact pages. Because they're really, really important.

Contact pages aren't only good for the obvious reasons... providing potential clients with a way to contact you and generating leads. Well designed contact pages can also save you from spending hours every month, every week, or maybe even every day from communicating back and forth with potential clients to gather the information you need.

The best thing about contact pages is that they're super easy to create. Once it's designed and set up correctly, you basically can set it and forget it. Your contact page can work for you so you can work less non-billable hours (you know... those hours you spend working on your business but can't actually charge your clients for).

So what does a well designed contact page need?


6 Things Your Contact Page Absolutely Needs

1. Your email address.

This may be debatable and some people don't think it's necessary but I do. And I'll explain why. Yes your contact form will be connected to your email address which is why some people think it's unnecessary to include your email address on the contact page. Personally, I think it's necessary. Having your email address on your contact page gives your potential clients a sense of calm because they know that when they submit their inquiry it isn't just going into a black hole. And if they don't hear back from you they have that email address to follow up at. Will some people send you an email instead of filling out the contact form? Probably. But most people won't. It takes more time and energy to copy an email address, open your email, and think about what to send in an email. It's much easier to fill out the form that has pre-defined questions. So my advice to you... include your email address!

Your Email Address & Response Time | Meraki Leigh Digital

2. Your response time.

This is a big one. This is a HUGE one. Nothing annoys people more than not knowing how long it will take for you to reply to their email. Do they wait 24 hours? 1-2 business days? 3 days? Even if your response time is one week, include that information on the contact page. This keeps people from following up with you prematurely. Also, from what I've learned, it can help you weed out people you may not want to work with (those people who feel the need to send you a follow-up email before the 48 hour response time period).

3. Your potential client's website.

Okay, this one is more directed toward service based businesses so you can take it or leave it if you are a product based business. Personally, I provide design and digital marketing services to online businesses so knowing the URL to the website is important. This way I can look at the website before even responding to the inquiry or having a consultation. Without this information, I have to either email back and ask for the website or ask for the website during our consultation. The later of the two doesn't allow me to do research before the consultation and leaves me pretty unprepared. You want your contact page to collect all the necessary information you would want before you have a consultation.

Potential Clients Website, Services, and How Did They Hear About You | Meraki Leigh Digital

4. What services are your potential client's interested in?

If you provide multiple different services (ie. web design, course design, email marketing, SEO, etc.) you want to make sure you're capturing what service this person is interested in when they first contact you. Inquiries that don't include this are pretty much useless!

5. How did your potential client hear about you?

This is a great way to determine which of your marketing efforts are working or who is referring you. If you notice that people are all finding you because of a post you made in a Facebook group, you'll know to keep doing that. If you notice that one of your clients keeps giving your information out, you'll know who to thank when you're rolling in the dough!

6. Social icons.

Make sure to include your social icons so people know that they can follow along your journey with you.

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