My Mistake: All About Picking a Squarespace Template

My Mistake All About Picking a Squarespace Template.jpg

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting a multi-post series about Squarespace templates. I want you to learn from my mistake. I chose the wrong Squarespace template not once... but twice.

What happens when you choose a Squarespace template?

Good question, I'm glad you asked!

When you choose a template in Squarespace you're committing yourself to a particular website and page setup. Different templates have different functionalities. There isn't a single template that has all of the functionalities included in it. (Although that would be nice, right? Make things a little more simple. Maybe in the future, Squarespace?)

Five Template

In my case, I chose a simple and popular template to initially launch my website with; the Five template. I designed my website, thought it was decent enough to launch with, and then a couple of months later decided to hire someone to do branding for me.

With new branding I surely needed a completely new website!

So I started researching the templates and realized that Five was pretty basic. I wanted to use Index pages but it wouldn't allow me to so I found a template that did.

Enter: the Moksha template

Moksha has Index pages which I thought were amazing (honestly, they are amazing). So I added a cover page to my website that said it was under construction and I started making the switch.

(One downfall I see to Squarespace is the live site automatically updates when you make changes. This means that when you switch templates, your website will look pretty wonky until you're able to update the branding and sort out the layout. Since templates have different features, there's a chance certain content won't translate over to your new template whatsoever. This is why I added an "Under Construction" page so I could keep visitors from seeing a haphazard website and relaunch with a completely new look and feel.)

At the time of the template switch I had no plans of blogging. Fast forward one month (yes, you would think I could have predicted one month into the future but being an entrepreneur means always coming up with new ideas!) and I decided I wanted to start a business blog.

Enter: My current predicament

Moksha doesn't have the sidebar functionality. This means that the sidebar you see on my pages (screenshot below if you happen to be reading this after I change my template for the 2nd time) are all manually added.


I repeat: the sidebars on my site are all manually added to each page that you see them on.

Obviously this isn't feasible in the long run. It's actually borderline crazy that I'm taking the time to add those manually.

This is where you benefit! I'm on the hunt for a new template and while I'm searching I'm going to be developing freebies that explain the differences between the templates. These freebies will include the specific features and functionalities each Squarespace template has and what templates would best serve which businesses.

Check back each Wednesday over the next few weeks to grab these freebies from the blog!