What to Include on Your Website to Generate More Leads

What to Include on Your Website to Generate Leads | Meraki Leigh Digital Blog

Your website is one of your most valuable assets. To an outsider interested in your services, a website makes your business seem more legit and it’s where people go to gather information about what you do, who you do it for, and how they can obtain your services.

Think about the things you look for when you go to a website. Now take that list and compare it to your website. Are you missing important information?

Not sure what exactly that list should include?

What to Include on Your Website to Generate More Leads

Below is a quick list of what your website absolutely needs to have. Without this information, your visitors may be left unsure of who you are, what you do, and most importantly how to contact you to book your services!

What Services You Offer + Who Would Benefit From Them

The single most important thing any website should have is a list of your services. Your services should be easy to find and easy to understand. If someone has to go digging for your services, you can guarantee that they’ll leave your website and forget who you are pretty quickly.

Alongside each service should be a description of what the service includes and who would benefit from the service. The clearer the description, the less confusion your visitors will have. You want potential leads to know exactly what you offer and whether or not they would benefit from the service.

Tip! Some people even choose to include who would not benefit from the service to weed out leads that in the end wouldn’t be a good fit for your business.

The Price of Your Services

This is a popular topic of discussion for people when building their websites. Should you include your prices or should you leave your prices off? I say include the prices of your services on your website for everyone to see.

You might think that including your prices will deter people from wanting to book your services but what I’ve noticed is that it actually saves you SO MUCH TIME.

Think about it, if you don’t include your prices on your website you’re more likely to get a bunch of inquiries either asking you for your prices or asking to book a consultation. You’ll spend so much time crafting the perfect email or having that perfect consultation to only get a “oh… that’s a little too far above my budget.” Talk about a time suck. Your time is better spent generating great content and working on projects for clients. So save yourself some time, stress, and disappointment from being turned down due to your “high” prices by including your pricing on your website.

Tip! If your pricing is different for every project just include “pricing starts at: $x.” This will give a baseline for people visiting your site and they should be able to tell from that if you’re going to fit within their budget.

Who You Are

As a small business or entrepreneur it’s so important to include information about yourself on your website. It not only gives people a peak into who they are going to work with but it also builds credibility. Just a short blurb about yourself that includes why you started your business and why they should trust you to provide the services you have on your website is enough to put people’s minds at ease.

Tip! Include a fun fact or two (or three) about yourself to show off some of your personality. Need some ideas? Check out my about page to see the fun facts I’ve included about myself.

Your Contact Information

This may be just as important as listing your services. Your contact information is so important if you ever want people to book your services. People need to know exactly how to get in touch with you and you want to make it easy for them to figure out. Make sure that you have an entire page dedicated to contacting you and that the page is easy to find. On that page you should include your contact information and an inquiry form. This page is so important that I wrote an entire blog post on it, too!

Are there other pieces of key information that you’ve found useful to have on your website? Drop a comment below to let me know!